News and Updates

  • ARbase is live

    ARbase is now live in the Onshape app store! Any Onshape user can now use ARbase to convert their Part Studios and Assemblies into shareable Augmented Reality experiences. The app is available for $20/month with a 30 Free trial.
  • Beta Progress

    In the three weeks since launching the ARbase beta, over 60 people have signed up to be beta users and we have received lots of feedback. Learn about new features we have launched and what is next as we move closer to a full launch.
  • Introducing ARbase

    Earlier this week, a beta of ARbase was released and quite a few eager CAD and Augmented Reality enthusiasts have signed up to be beta users. In the meantime, I thought it would be worthwhile to share how ARbase came to be and what lies ahead for the app.